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Dr. Janice Hawes, Associate Professor of English (                              Dr. Thomas Cassidy, Professor of English (                                                Mr. Muhammad Mashreque, Instructor of English (                                  Mr. Dante Mozie, Instructor of Communications (                                      Mr. Demi Washington, Instructor of Communications (229-344-3768)                                        Ms. Arah Pinson, Instructor of English (retired)               

Department of English and Communications

Dr. Janice Hawes, Chair

South Carolina State University



Header Picture Credits (from left to right)

1.) Henry Doyle, Emigrants Leave Ireland, Illustration from Preface to the First Edition of An Illustrated History of Ireland from AD 400 to 1800, by Mary Frances Cusack, 1868 scanned into 001.1.jpg extracted from Gutenberg project's zip file,

2.) Arthur Rothstein, Son of farmer in dust bowl area. Cimarron County, Oklahoma, April 1936, Farm Security Administration

3.) Sketches in Southern India: shooting alligators on the way home from a picnic, from The Graphic, 1879, public domain, Views from the The Graphic (from ebay auctions):, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons